What is Laser Therapy?

When specific types of laser light (photons) are introduced to your body’s cells at a low intensity, a biochemical process occurs.  Just as photosynthesis energizes plants to grow from the sun light received, our cells too have the ability to convert light photons to energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  Activating ATP production begins cellular processes that promote healing, thus REDUCE or ELIMINATE PAIN. When enough of the right type of light goes into a diseased or injured cell, that cell is energized to do what it is designed to do, heal itself.  


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 Low LEVEL laser therapy Accelerates Healing 

Back Pain

How does Low Level  Laser Therapy work?

Laser Light Health Solutions

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LLLT uses specific wavelengths of red light  (660nm) and infrared light (840nm) light to interact with our tissue to accelerate the natural healing process, increase functionality, and enhance the body’s immune system.   The non-thermal photons of emitted light from these wavelengths CAN HELP BOTH ACUTE AND CHRONIC CONDITIONS REDUCE PAIN, or eliminate pain, and it can REDUCE BOTH INFLAMMATION AND SPASMS.   LLLT is FDA approved, Class 3, painless, non-surgical, and uses non-ionizing lasers.   

Patricia Van Cleave, Bachelor of Science and Certified Laser Light Therapist, is the owner of Laser Light Health Solutions, Inc. Her goal is to HELP PEOPLE WITH UNRESOLVED PAIN FEEL BETTER AND RETURN TO THEIR NORMAL ACTIVITY LEVELS with Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  Cold Laser, and Low Intensity Laser also describes this therapy.  After a fulfilling career in Senior Management of national & international retail businesses, Patricia became totally intrigued by neurosurgeon, Dr. Norman Doidge's book, How the Brain Heals Itself.  She was amazed with references to how this laser was able to target so many different conditions, many of which were immune to traditional treatments, in a SAFE, NON-INVASIVE, MEDICATION-FREE way.  Her passion about good health led her to embrace this 21st  century modality to impact a healthier result for those who suffer, often when other medical attempts fail.   


In addition to her Certification as a Laser Light Therapist, Patricia trained directly under the guidance of a pioneer and leader in the Laser Light Therapy industry, Dr. Fred Kahn at the Meditech Laser Clinic in Toronto, Canada.  Through education, training and work experience, Patricia has witnessed first hand the healing power and results of LLLT.  This method of laser light therapy can effectively treat conditions ranging from degenerative osteoarthritis to diabetic neuropathy to rotator cuff tears to joint, neck and back conditions, and more. From her work with the scientists and clinicians at the Meditech Laser Clinic, Patricia learned more extensively about the underlying science of LLLT, and the nuances of the different Cold Laser treatment protocols.  From her training and practice experience, Patricia will tailor the LLLT treatments to the different conditions and individual patient's needs.  Patricia provides therapeutic Laser Light treatments at Dr. Tinlin's Active Lifestyle Medical clinic in Scottsdale.

LLLT is painless, drug Free, & surgery is OFTEN avoided